Tuesday Shoesday

For a vintage wedding with a short dress, these heels and heart tights are just perfect!

Via One Piece of Glitter
If you know where these are from, please let us know!

Happy Friday!

Next week is Valentine’s Day and we’re completely excited about it!  I know back when I was single I loved the “Single Awareness Day” phrase.  Now, not so much.  Besides being happily married, the inspiration this coming week will be amazing.

via le love

Look out for a fabulous wedding recap of 2011, a pretty in pink inspiration board, a great DIY project, and a story from the heart coming up next week!  Happy weekend lovers!

Tuesday Shoesday

As you know, we’ve had a thing for bows lately. I was shopping around and ran into these beauties online at DSW. What better way to have a bow than with some added bling to it. Aren’t they just adorable?

via DSW

I love the sparkly bow, it stands out beautifully.

Happy Tuesday Shoesday everyone! Hope you all have a great rest of the week.

Instagram Love!

Hope everyone’s weekend was great!  It’s been a rainy, gloomy day today.  Yuck!  Can’t wait to show you our post tomorrow so you’ll have to come back for that!  In the mean time, here’s an Instagram shot of some of my Valentine Day decor.

Our V-day plans include filling up our tummies with Brazilian food.  Yum!  What do you do to celebrate?

Bridal Gowns :: Lazaro

One of our June brides recently said ‘yes’ to her dress and one of her top choices was a Lazaro.  I’m not going to disclose which she chose just to make sure it’s a surprise for all her family.  She wanted to keep it a secret!

So after dress shopping with her, I completely fell in love with the textures and romantic feel his work has.  It’s so dreamy.  Here are a couple of current faves.

So classy and elegant!  Can’t wait to share what she chose after June!

Spring Wedding Anniversary Dessert!

Last year we blogged about these pretties over here by Andrea of Ditzie Cakes.  They were so cute and yummy in person that when I saw these, I had to post about them again!

This is the cutest dessert spread for an anniversary!

These desserts are adorable and Andrea is so talented!  She’s even the talent behind the lens.  I can’t wait to see more of your dessert because it’s always so perfect!

Thanks for letting me share Andrea!