Happy Thanksgiving Holidays + The Bella Bambino Giveaway!

As mentioned last week, we have a special giveaway to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Thanks to Audrey of The Bella Bambino, we are giving away either a dress, suit, or Christening gown of the winner’s choice from anything they have in stock!  Here were some of my favorites! <a href=”http://rafl.es/enable-js”>You need javascript […]

Thankful for… 2011

…my chaotic, little city, …friends like my Drea and so many more, love you guys! …these two are friends AND family…don;t you just want to eat them up? …this one dude…♥ …the sweet/good things in life, Cupcake flag from Hank and Hunt . 🙂 …another year of good health, love, […]

Thankful for…

I am thankful… for the new people (family, friends, colleagues, and clients!) in my life {like my nephew Abe}: and old ones {like my nephew Gabriel}. I’m thankful for every new day: Puppy kisses: The simple things in life: Did I say I’m soooooo thankful for friends yet?  Because I […]