Happy Friday!

Remember these?  I’ve put a couple up from the trash the dress session I had with Shannon previously but I just got the CD this week!  Overall, this week has been pretty busy and amazing.  This Sunday we’ll be at Backstage Bridal so go purchase your ticket if you haven’t […]

Lazy Sundays!

This just in! My friend Rob over in Tampa sent me this link and I fell in love! Hurry and click! HERE! I’m still working on my TTD and this just started a whirlwind of ideas! PLUS, the camera used in the footage is a Canon 7D! Score! This is […]

Quality not Quantity

I’ve been behind on posting but I figure it’s quality not quantity. I’ve been focusing on being productive without my laptop and using resources I have available…business cards, phone calls, emails, etc.  Plus, I have a spankin’ new 365 picture blog over at El Laberynto. Speaking of quality, have you […]

Trashing and Waiting!

Oh noz! I didn’t blog yesterday! I completely ran out of time and now I’m blogging pretty late. Forgiiiiz me? Yeah, I bet you didn’t even notice! Yesterday I had a shoot with the most awesome-est photog Shannon Lee. We finally trashed my dress! I can’t wait to see the […]

Happy Friday!

I was searching for inspiration for my TTD and I stumbled upon KLK Photography. Cool shot huh? I thought of taking a road trip to Palm Springs, but that would be too much! Then while I was scrolling down I saw this wedding. Look! They had arcade games at their […]

Happy Friday!

I’m sure you’ve seen these images floating around the net right?   I can’t leave you with just one! Can you say *SWOON*? Head over to Holly Steen’s Cakes and Kisses Photography and swoon over more drool worthy pictures!  Have a great weekend!