Ranunculus Love

We posted on pretty peonies here, but these are also one my personal favorites!  Ranunculus!  They’re in season right now but will be gone soon, closer to end of May here in Los Angeles. 🙁  I wish they were around year long!  They’re gorgeous as you can see below.  Via […]

Anemone Love!

We’ve posted about some other flower favorites like the peony, the ranunculus, and the dahlia but now it’s time to give the anemone some love!   I think I’m stuck between the peonies and anemone’s for my favorite ever spot.  Anemones are pretty, especially the white ones! Here’s a little […]

Dahlia Love!

The dahlia is such a beautiful flower.  It’s available mostly from June to November so if you’re wedding is within this time frame, you’re in luck! Dahlias are gorgeous!  From the softer colors: Via WeddingDecorationIdeas Via StyleMePretty …to the bright ones.  This definitely is a favorite! Via DesignSponge  If you […]

Billy Ball Love!

I wrote some flower inspiration posts about certain buds that I am totally in love with.  Ranunculus and peonies are two of my favorite.  Today it’s all about the billy ball! These yellow poms last forever, they’re not too pricey, and they’re just gorgeous! In a bouquet with succculents!  This […]

An Easter Wedding?

 You can totally pull off an Easter wedding with these beauties! Our friends over at Fleuretica are sooooo talented!   They created this gorgeousness for a birthday.  Isn’t it pretty?  What’s even more amazing is that they created everything including those darling eggs! These next two are my favorite! These […]