Color Scheme Frenzy!

The one time that I decided through my wedding planning that I might change my tiffany blue/ red color scheme was for this:

Via Green Wedding Shoes

I called my Man of Honor and told him, “I think I want orange and pink for my colors!” I had seen pictures of Middle Eastern inspired weddings and I fell in love from the bright colors to the warm, romantic lighting. Somehow, they convinced me that I had chosen pretty colors and they would go well with my beach wedding so I went with my first choices. If I were to do it again, I would definitely go for this color combination!

Choosing the colors of your wedding definitely is the mood setter. Mine were fun and beachy. Something like this is also fun, but more romantic. Clean or muted colors like black and white or a grey and vintage rose scheme give it more of a classy, elegant feel. It’s all about the couple’s personal choice and what they want to convey to their guests. I have to give thanks to Leila Khalil, from Inspired by This, who inspired this post with her engagement party which is today! Congrats Leila!

AND you see that picture above! It’s from our very own Hotel Figueroa here in downtown Los Angeles! That picture was the inspiration for my room! I should take a picture for you all to see how my room has this same Moroccan feel! I’m so convincing one of my brides to go this route. I’ll live vicariously through her!

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