Day Mmmteenth!

Things I have to do and am looking forward to:

  • My site launch in a week!
  • Add more tags on Etsy!
  • Being part of the Broke-Ass-Bride’s Wedding-in-a-week Giveaway!
  • Welcoming my lovely Drea to my Just Wenderful team!
  • Purchasing and setting up our Candy Bar services for a shoot!
  • Set up my Trash the Dress Shoot with Anna!
  • I think I’m forgetting something…

The hubs is working tomorrow so I’m sure I can get a lot of this done, plus I have Monday off so I’m gonna have a productive ass weekend ya hear?

On other news, my shot of the day:

These were my favorite three from the event I went to on Wednesday. What do you think? I’m so behind! I started the 365 challenge the same Tasra did and I’ve fallen a week behind! Boo is me! I think I’m anticipating purchasing my Canon 7D that I can’t concentrate! Anywho, since I’ll be home working tomorrow, I promise I’ll update tomorrow.


  1. You're getting the 7D? How exciting! I can't believe all of the progress you're making towards launching this new biz of yours! Congrats on all of the milestones you've accomplished! Love the business cards btw! What designer are you using for your logo and new website launch?

  2. Yes, it's already ordered and everything! Thanks for all your compliments! I'm sure trying hard! I'm sorry I've fallen behind on that email I have to send you! My friend did the logo and is about to finish up the website! She's awesome huh?

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