Ideas + Inspiration

I’m puppy sitting this adorable thing and because she’s still a baby I have to sleep on the couch with her.   Not so happy about the couch but her puppy smell – I just want to eat her up!

This takes me to two awesome things I’ve ran through while on the internets:
  1. If you’re not afraid to have your face etched on a stamp and use it for invites, STDs, etc., this is a great idea!  This Esty seller gets a picture of you two like so:

and does this!

Cool huh?
     2.  While browsing How About Orange, I read about glass etching.  So easy and you can practically 
          sketch anything!
You really must go look!  Looks like an easy DIY project that you can use to personalize your wedding just a tad bit more.

Happy first day of November!  Time is flying by & Christmas is just around the corner!


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