Modern Venues

I think nowadays beside trying to find a venue that is within a budget, more and more brides are using gallery spaces and industrial looking venues.  Something new and I love it!

Here are a couple I’ve found:

  1. Gallery 1018 – A bit on the smaller side, but definitely great urban feel.
  2. Smog Shoppe – This one has been around in the wedding blogosphere a lot already and is pretty amazing
  3. Box Eight Studios – I haven’t seen many weddings here but excited to see what the Bowie Bride has up her sleeve because she’s going to rock it in this venue!
  4. High Profile Productions – Wait til you see these pics!
The outside

The inside part where you hold the sit down dinner.  It’s a blank canvas right now so you can do whatever you please.

Again, think blank slate.  When we visited this venue there was a Buddha head fountain that made the atmosphere more eclectic.  This is the courtyard.  You can place the bar here, have a couple hookahs?  The lounge-y space. =)
Think, the sit down dinner is this big rectangle space.  The courtyard is a square.  There’s another square to make it all a perfect square and it has chandeliers.  The dance floor!
This space is really amazing!  Tami Brown from Celebrate! is holding Backstage Bridal here on February 28, 2010.  Here is a blurb on what it’s all about from the site.

Backstage Bridal: an Exclusive Luxury Wedding Experience is an intimate, educational and innovative workshop tailored specifically to stylish and sophisticated couples who are planning a unique wedding day.  Brought to you by celebrate! with tami brown, Backstage Bridal is a much needed alternative to busy, crowded and overwhelming bridal shows at which brides and grooms are bombarded with brochures and business cards. We have hand-picked phenomenal vendors who specialize in custom events and who are particularly gifted in communicating with their clients, not only about what they do best, but about what each couple wants and needs for their wedding.

The workshop will demystify the planning, and break designing your wedding down into steps that are easy to do and understand.  Couples will leave Backstage Bridal: a Luxury Wedding Experience with a base of knowledge required to make educated decisions about every aspect of their wedding day. The information is presented in a pro-active format to alleviate the stress, worry and uncertainty in planning the details of the wedding. Couples will know how to use the information given to them in an effective, precise and efficient manner.

Get you early bird ticket here!


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