To Tattoo or Not To

Is getting thee ring tattooed a trend? Is it just for broke people who can’t afford some bling? Or is it just something people do because they feel like it’s a sentimental gesture that will last forever?

Lately, I’ve been seeing more couples getting their rings tattooed. I have tats already so when my huz brought up this issue, I was more than happy to get it done! He got his before we got married just to show me he was serious. That was his first tat ever so it meant something! So yesterday I got this:

Yi-pee! JW…no, not for just Just Wenderful but for Jesse n’ Wendy! When we got his tat we were a bit on buzzed side and as you can see his looks like a bunch of nonsense swirls. We made sure mine was legible! Now, when we go on vacation or what-not and I dont want to lug around this bling:

I can keep it at home and not worry about anything! Down side is if I get mad at the huz and want to take it off, I can’t! Ok, JUST KIDDING!

BTW, if you loved Drea’s post yesterday, please tweet @LaTwitt and send her some love and tell her to hurry up and get married already! We went to Europe in 2003 and she fell in love with Paris. I have a feeling she’s subconsciously trying to tell us something. Do it girl! I’ll be there in a heartbeat!

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