Traditional Veil or Birdcage?

If you want to go traditional, a veil’s the way to go. Ever since my huz got one knee, I knew I just had to have a birdcage. Once I found my dress, a birdcage was completely out of the question. It just wouldn’t look right. I still wanted nothing to do with a veil so instead I went with a simple flower with some feathers.

It worked out perfectly, I think! I love this shot. That’s Gabriel, my cutie-petootie nephew.

In case you’re still interested in birdcages (which I think I might buy one just for fun), Etsy has sooo many options!

Via SmittenXOXO‘s on Etsy

Having a peacock inspired wedding? I love this one!

Via GlamItUp Toppers

Wanna rock a flower kinda like mine?

Boom! Via QGDesigns

What about a pretty soft and romantic blusher?

This blusher has tulle instead of the usual birdcage netting. Via BrendasBridalVeils

It’s all about what you want but remember that the your dress choice will also be a deciding factor on what to go with.

P.S. I went to the Rose Bowl flea market with the lovely Andrea yesterday morning and safe to say I blew LOTS of bucks on some cute stuff. I’ll try to take pictures and post later. If you’re DIYing and need something vintage, something cheap, or some odd finds, this flea market is the place to go! They’re open every second Sunday of the month. I can’t believe it took me this long to finally go!

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