Wedding What?

Sorry I didn’t post anything these last couple o’ days but it’s been quite hectic!!!

SOOOOO…I don’t think wedding gifts to each other is much of a Latino tradition is it? I never knew until I started reading wedding blogs. That’s where I learned about the groom’s cake too, but I decided that wasn’t necessary and if it wasn’t needed, I wasn’t about to start spending money on it! I have an idea what kind of cake I would’ve gotten for him, but you’ll just have to wait until the hub’s birthday! Yup, gotta wait til April! Sorry!

Back to wedding gifts, I decided I wanted to give my Mr. something special, surprising, and sss-exy! I gave you guys a hint in a previous post, guessed yet?

I started researching everything from boudoir photography to pin-up stuffage and I found Carol and Stacey!!! They are the mastermind ladies behind Iconic Pinups! Carol’s the photographer and Stacey will do your makeup all for an affordable price! My wedding photographer was a guy and I know he’s great but I wanted to feel comfortable so I needed a female photographer. She did an awesome job because the face on my hubs was priceless when I gave him that little black book right before the ceremony! He asked me, “When did you do this?” and “Who took the pics?”. I know he wanted to hear that it was a girl and that only thing on my mind while shooting was HIM! He keeps that book somewhere in his closet and I love the thought that whenever he might need a fix, he’ll look at that book and not at some porn online, haha. Here’s to hoping huh?

Anyways, I was happy with my shoot and would definitely recommend these ladies to fulfill your husband’s fantasies with photos of your sexy self…and you know deep down inside you’ve always wanted to do this for yourself ladies!

How about when I start my photo biz you come to me? I love the pin-up era and yes, I loved making silly (ahem, sexy) faces while sucking some frosting off my forefinger! Rawr! Alright, alright, sticking to the PG-ness of this blog, I’ll show you ONE picture.

The most PG of them all! There’s one in particular that I absolutely love and want to post but I have to wait for approval. Maybe tomorrow?

By the way, Carol Sheridan also does weddings. Visit her site here!


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