Hello All!!

I just thought that I’d tell everyone a little about myself to before I started blogging for Wendy…so here we go! Wendy & I met at UCLA and traveled through Europe together during one of the best summers of our lives (well at least mine anyway!) We bonded instantly and have been friends ever since. Wendy brought me on-board to help her bring her ideas to life…and add my 2 cents here and there.

I guess you can say that we have very similar taste and interests…and a deep appreciation for beautiful things. I’m not talking material & superficial stuff so much, but a developed aesthetic sense. That’s deep right??!! Really though! We look for beauty in anything and everything! I love rich, warm colors and fabrics, flavorful food & wine, crisp autumn breezes & sun drenched beach days!…an overall Joie de Vivre! I love my life, friends and family. I especially LOVE finding good bargains on spectacular things, crafting, and having great parties. I have this crazy obsession with perfection when I host my daughter’s parties…I think I live vicariously through this little 5 year-old! More than anything, I just like to see people happy (and love when I’m the one that makes them happy!)

I look forward to this great project that we’re taking on and can’t wait for the fun that we’re bound to have together!


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