2010 Best Details

According to Brides.com, there are 10 best 2010 wedding style details on their website.  Here are the ones we agree with!

1. Vintage brooch bouquets

Via Ms. Awesome – tutorial included!
2, Handmade and crafty!
3.  Unique escort cards

4. Handmade paper decor

Obviously we agree with the handmade love since we love personalized details but are we still going to see these trends in 2011?

I would definitely add:

  • modern/urban venues
  • not candy, but dessert buffets
  • food/dessert midnight snacks, maybe a midnight In n’ Out truck visit?  Nom!
  • modern/short gowns

What else would you add?  Do you still expect to see these trends in 2011?

P.S.  We’ve been also wanting to do a little 2010 collage of our weddings but we’re still missing two weddings.  Can’t wait to share that with you!

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