All White Bridal Bouquets

Being in this industry it comes with our turf to love all things flowers.  Whether it’s the centerpieces or the bouquets, flowers really are a big part of your wedding day.  I know I’ve heard the, “Well they’re just flowers and they’re just going to die anyway.” BUT truth is, the flowers in my opinion should be a priority.

I have a thing for blush recently and colorful bouquets always add a pop but the all white bridal bouquets will never go out of style.  So classic and timeless!

If anyone finds the source please do share.  I am in love with this one!  We found it on Pinterest and fell in love with that handle!  The dahlias are gorgeous too.  Just perfect!  Although I do love white bouquets, I especially when they have different textures or maybe some bling like this next one.

One of our very own favorites.
This Modern Romance via Just Wenderful
Which is your favorite type of bouquet?

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