Amazingness To Come!

These last few weeks have been pretty hectic and amazing all together!  I have a couple weddings back to back in July and two events I’m working on that I’m sure will blow your pretty little hats off!  One of the meetings we had last week was to confirm a launch party we’ll be holding in August 12th 6-9pm at the James Gray Gallery in the Santa Monica Bergamot Station so SAVE THE DATE if you’re around!  Let me tell you a secret: It’s going to be amazing!  The venue we have is fairly new to wedding scene and they’re located in a pretty fab area.  A little hidden gem!
I also created a pretty smooth portfolio for an event lounge where I get to show off my skills and my brand new business cards with the new logo!!!  The whole re-branding process was difficult for so many reasons!  I wanted
  • A logo that I can proudly display to represent Just Wenderful and what we stand for.
  • A website that I’d be happy with and would adore to death so that it can be live for a LONG time.

I don’t want to change my branding every time I see or feel inspired by a trend so I think I captured our clean, fun spirit this time around.  Here’s a peek at our new cards:

So what do you think?  To all my fellow industry peeps, what’s been the hardest part of your branding process?


  1. Thanks ladies!

    Sandra – the image wasn't up in the morning, oops! You should be able to see it now.

    Oh Jaclyne, for sure! I think it was so difficult to verbalize what I envisioned!

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