Bowie Bride’s Rocktastic Wedding!

It’s been a couple months since Britt’s wedding and she has already been featured in plenty o’ places.  The Rock n’ Roll Bride covered it all pretty spectacularly!

Here are some of my favorite of Britt + Mike’s day!

Britt was 100% DIY.  She hand painted wine bottles and added personal touches like this one:

Lovely how Mike looks at his wife-to-be!  This picture right here…says it ALL!

Vows always make me teary-eyed.  This one…as crazy fun as Britt + Mike are, they went straight for our heart strings!  Oh and for dinner, guests had the yummy Kogi truck come by!

After that, it was a par-tay!

Thank you for letting me share Britt and Nicole of Nicole Polk Photography.  I tried to keep it short and sweet because I know Britt’s planning on showing her readers more pictures in her recap posts at The Bowie Bride.


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