Bridal Week – Spring 2011

Last week, I was glued to my computer way more than usual. Why, you may ask? Only because it was New York Bridal Fashion Week! I’ve been searching the web and tweeted images of the goods straight from the runways of the Spring 2011 shows. Let me tell you, I’m in heaven! Many designers have outdone themselves yet again – a feat I thought couldn’t be accomplished after the shows last fall. There is NO way I can mention all of the gowns that I loved, so I’ll just highlight a few and then you all can go have a look for yourselves! Afterall, nothing makes a girl swoon more than a gorgeous gown!

Here are the goods:

As usual, Monique Lhuillier is at the top of my list of favs. I have always loved her incessantly feminine style, but this fashion forward mini dress is to-die-for!!!! Thanks to Tracy of RecycledBride for spotting it & including it in her “15 most beautiful, stylish, and downright jaw-dropping dresses” from the spring shows.

Carol Hannah Whitfield – Love, love, love this first one! These gowns are absolutely perfect for the more laid-back affair.

Priscilla of Boston – I love the lace accents on thes gowns – so delicate.

Christos – Beautiful tulle overlay could be seen on many Christos designs for Spring 2011. I love the classic, vintage ballroom gown look of this line.

Be sure to check out for the most comprehensive collection of images from Spring 2011 Bridal Week.


  1. I have to admit, my dress was Christos Inspired. I couldn't afford a real one so I had it made, but I loved details from 3 different dresses, so I had them all put together!

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