Bridesmaids :: Same or Different Dresses?

I personally love the new trend that was started perhaps 2 years ago where brides started having their bridesmaids dress in different dresses, same color or even different dresses, same hue of a certain color.  One of our weddings in June will have bridesmaids in different long, chiffon dresses but within the same cobalt blue color and I just love it!  I can’t wait to see the ladies!

Here are a couple of my favorites:

 Via Pinterest
 Via Pinterest
 Via Pinterest
Agree or disagree?  


  1. I wanted all different dresses withing the same shade family but many people talked me out of it. I ended up going with same designer and just picked color and length. I was told I should pick out my favorite styles to make sure my BM's didn't end up picking the same ones. But the reason I didn't want to pick dresses was because I knew all my girls had such distinctly different styles. And I was totally validated when I had 7 girls pick 7 different dresses that look completely like something they would wear not something someone else picked out for them!

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