Engagement Session – Liz + Paul

Remember that hot teaser?  Here are the rest! This sporty couple start with an awesome game of one-on-one! They met in high school but they ended up falling in love waaaay after.  Funny how things work! And I think this is one my favorites! Kevin Le Vu really did an […]

Engagement Session – Jean + Jay

I feel so lucky to have these awesome couples that love to share their eye candy with me!  Meet Jean & Jay! When I first saw a teaser, my jaw dropped.  I shouldn’t have been surprised because the photographers…well, this is what they do… Drop jaws! But wait, look at […]

Engagement Series – Wendy & Jesse

The following post was written by the hubs himself! Take in mind, he HATES to write! Thank you lovah! “It was a freakin’ cold day! I couldn’t believe I was really gonna do this thank when the weather was horrible! Wasn’t that gonna ruin the memory and moment? Nah, because […]

Engagement Series – Brittany & Nestor

Here is one of the bestest engagement stories I’ve heard from Brittany of Britt Productions in a while not only because of their actual proposal story but also because they are literally high school sweethearts! They met when she was 14!!! Here’s her story! “Brittany, I need you to deliver […]

Happy Friday!

So you guys want to know a secret?  I went to UCLA to get my psych and Spanish literature degree and my full time job at that time was a behavior therapist.  I worked with special needs children and I LOVED it.  I especially fell in love with this one […]