Etsy Wedding Finds!

We love when we find absolutely adorable and unique things on our favorite marketplace, Etsy!  This is definitely a cute place card idea! Via lffevents on Etsy  This next one is adorable and affordable!  Via Crafty Clementines Here’s something that would be cute smaller as a ring bearer pillow!  Something […]

ETSY Love!

I love ETSY. No, I really love ETSY! Vendors on this site have seriously helped brides by taking the guesswork out of finding incredibly cool wedding favors on any budget. When looking for favors for any occasion, I try to find items that guests will really love and be able […]

Etsy Wedding Dresses

I never gave Etsy enough credit!  You can definitely find a beautiful, customized wedding dress here. From a daytime, casual wedding dress like these: How about this one with a chic birdcage veil?! Audrey & Grace This one caught me breathless! Sarah Seven Who doesn’t love tiers? KT Jean Designs […]

Bridesmaid Gifting

Hi y’all! I finally climbed out from beneath my pile-o-books for the winter and realized that the holiday season is upon us! While I was attempting to BEGIN my holiday shopping by browsing my favorite site, ETSY, I started thinking about bridesmaid gifts. Here are some great finds for those […]

Traditional Veil or Birdcage?

If you want to go traditional, a veil’s the way to go. Ever since my huz got one knee, I knew I just had to have a birdcage. Once I found my dress, a birdcage was completely out of the question. It just wouldn’t look right. I still wanted nothing […]

A Not So Funny Story

The day of my wedding I woke up to hear the rustling of my huz leaving the front door. Umm, yes I said LEAVING. I was half asleep and turned and tossed for a bit until I realized it was my wedding day! I get up, wake up my niece […]

Fingerprint Wedding Band?

 Yes, please! I saw this ring on Love and Lavender, photo by Logan Cole, and I had to find out where it came from!  There are a couple of Etsy sellers that offer this and I’m totally in love with this idea.  As a matter of fact, my husband lost […]

Ideas + Inspiration

I’m puppy sitting this adorable thing and because she’s still a baby I have to sleep on the couch with her.   Not so happy about the couch but her puppy smell – I just want to eat her up! This takes me to two awesome things I’ve ran through while […]