Finding Yourself.

Personal/ business post. So, we’re in the process of re-branding and giving the site a whole new look!  It’s a bit overwhelming to have to decide on an image that you think conveys what we’re about but we’re THISCLOSE!  I can’t wait to be able to show it off.  I […]

Amazingness To Come!

These last few weeks have been pretty hectic and amazing all together!  I have a couple weddings back to back in July and two events I’m working on that I’m sure will blow your pretty little hats off!  One of the meetings we had last week was to confirm a […]

See Something New?

It’s up, it’s finally done and up!  We are so happy to have our new website up and running!  Take a peek! Seriously, you have to go the actual site HERE and tell me what you think!  …AND because we want to party and celebrate we’re holding a giveaway!  All […]

Some Great Advice…

Conan couldn’t have ended his show any better.  This definitely goes hand in hand with my last post.  Living life how you want to live it is living it passionately.  That’s a drive greater than you sometimes realize.  If you’re able to pursue your passion, be yourself, conquer your fears, […]

Make One Big Thing Happen!

Making Things Happen. I attended the Making Things Happen tour with Lara Casey almost one year ago and so many great things have happened since then! The point of it all is:  It all starts with you.  YOU have to make decisions, YOU have to conquer those fears, YOU have […]