Happy Friday!

I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph and Jenny Llanes at the Utterly Engaged party earlier this year.  She contacted me to have some coffee so I could see their work and I was completely in love with their shots!  Especially this one: The light they captured on this one […]

Happy Friday!

I was visiting one of my favorite sites and I couldn’t believe I missed this! Via Green Wedding Shoes Seriously stunning!  Like, no joke!  I die!  Now run off and go see the rest of this shoot shot and styled by SimplyBloom Photography because I promise you you’ll want to […]

Friday Inspiration

Fridays are always a picker-upper! I’ve had so much to do, it’s not even funny. What’s really funny is that there’s a lot MORE to do. It’s always good though…especially on a Friday! Here’s some eye candy! Via Atrero Photography This bride is totally rockin’ it! I was looking for […]

Bean Love!

Via Punam Bean Aren’t these some cute tats? Yup, these are Punam Bean and her hubby’s matching tats! I just love her photography. What I love more is that she gets personal with her blog sometimes. She even shows you how she started her wedding photography business while away from […]

Addicted to…

Once again, I am so addicted to Le Love that it inspred me to share this: This was us @ the Santa Monica Pier pre-engagement: We had had a fallout, and this was the day I had decided to move back in with him. He took me to dinner and […]

Wedding What?

Sorry I didn’t post anything these last couple o’ days but it’s been quite hectic!!! SOOOOO…I don’t think wedding gifts to each other is much of a Latino tradition is it? I never knew until I started reading wedding blogs. That’s where I learned about the groom’s cake too, but […]

They were All Yellow…

This bride is gorgeous!    The guys are cute too!  Look at their socks!  I love it! Straight from the LBC!  All these images from Jihan Abdalla Photography.  From what I read on his blog, this wedding will be featured on The Knot’s next magazine coming out in January 2010!  […]

Happy Friday!

Loving: her dress her pink boots this photographer! Find more of Tim Will’s Photography here! Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here!

Happy Friday!

Photographer ♥! Nice way to welcome fall! Via Susan Stripling Photography Happy weekend everyone! The holidays are just around the corner!

Happy Friday!

I was searching for inspiration for my TTD and I stumbled upon KLK Photography. Cool shot huh? I thought of taking a road trip to Palm Springs, but that would be too much! Then while I was scrolling down I saw this wedding. Look! They had arcade games at their […]