Engagement Season is NOW!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while.  Inspired by a family member of mine, this has to have been one of the best engagements I’ve seen that was not my own!  Ha!

So boys listen up! (Girls, too!)

For Christmas or any other holiday where you exchange gifts, make sure you have the people that you want to be around during this special moment…like her parents, yours, siblings, etc.  Say you have around 12 people including yourself:

  • Purchase 10 gifts that don’t have to be expensive or gender biased; The 11th gift will have to be rigged and will have to go to your fiancee-to-be. 
  • Place number 1-10 in a cup and have everyone choose one.  Leave #11th for last and sneakishly place it in the cup after everyone has chosen theirs for your fiancee-to-be to surprisingly get it!
  • Watch everyone open their gifts…waiiiiiit for it….until it’s your fiance-to-be’s turn!

In her/his gifts, there are a gazillion things you can place a ring into.  My story involves Cracker Jacks!  You know how they include a prize inside…perfect!

If you want to go another route, her ring can be set on one of these beautiful bowls from the ever-fab Paloma’s Nest on Etsy.

Really!  How awesome would that be?  Now go!  Come back with stories and pictures please, lol!  And if you want tips on how to get the special ring, my friend Lydia from Ever Ours has the greatest tips!

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