Engagement Series – Brittany & Nestor

Here is one of the bestest engagement stories I’ve heard from Brittany of Britt Productions in a while not only because of their actual proposal story but also because they are literally high school sweethearts! They met when she was 14!!! Here’s her story!

“Brittany, I need you to deliver this important package for me in the morning. It needs to be there by 6 a.m. sharp. If you do this for me I will let you take the rest of the day off.”

I remember my dad’s words like it was yesterday. Me being nineteen, responded with “SWEET! All I have to do is drive to Temecula and drop off a package early in the morning and then I am off for the rest of the day? YES!” I had just started working for my dad that August and wanted to make a good impression. You know, do what he asked of me without complaining. Doing my job with efficiency and dedication. He was my father after all. So waking up at 5 a.m. and driving to Temecula was a piece of cake.

Once I realized I would have the ENTIRE day off of work I called Nestor and asked if he would want to spend the day with me. I did my cute little baby pout thing that I do, which always suckers him in, and asked if he would be ever so kind as to wake up and drive me Temecula that next morning. As always, my wonderful boyfriend obliged and plans were set for our fun Friday together.

Note: Keep in mind that I ASKED HIM to come with me.

Upon waking up, I threw on my clothes, grabbed the “sealed” package, and headed out the door. Nestor was up and ready and we were on our way. As we exited the freeway we pulled through McDonald’s in the hopes of waking ourselves up with a fresh brewed cup of coffee. While sipping our coffee we talked, laughed, and enjoyed the adventure we were on. As we pulled up to what seemed like a Bed and Breakfast, I noticed there were absolutely no cars. Well, maybe one or two, but definitely not enough cars to suggest a Financial Service seminar was going on. I had no idea where we were and so Nestor offered to get out and ask for directions — or at least, ask if we were in the right location according to our “map” provided by the office assistant.

I sat in the car watching Nestor talk to this woman for a few minutes. As he climbed back into the car he told me we were in the wrong location but the “mysterious lady” would allow us to follow her down the hill to the correct location. “OK, as long as we get there soon. It’s almost six O’clock. I hope I make this drop off deadline in time.”

As we rounded the corner I began to see hot air balloons, hundreds of them! Some on the ground ready for lift off, some mid-way in the air, and others soaring through the sky. It was an amazing moment. Who ever knew there was this magical hot air balloon city just 45 minutes away? As the sun was just beginning to rise, the mysterious lady in the car in front of us pulled into a dirt lot where a hot air balloon was waiting patiently to soar through the sky. At that moment I knew. I whipped my head around and just stared at Nestor with this huge smile. I knew what he was doing. How could he have tricked me like this? How did this all work out so perfectly? I mean, come on! I thought I was dropping off important documents for a seminar? I had the documents right here. I ripped open the documents and to my surprise the only thing in that package was a stack of blank white paper.

Nestor had tricked me this entire time! I was really impressed. As I came to find out later in the day, Nestor and many others were in on this operation. He included my Dad, (the Boss), Maria (the secretary), my mom, and many others. He was a genius. He even got me to ask him to drive with me. It worked out better then he possibly could have hoped for.

With a smile on my face, the love of my life by my side, and a beautiful hot air balloon ready for lift off, we climbed in, and headed for sunrise. Our engagement day is a day that I will never forget. I remember how nervous I was as Nestor turned to face me and asked me to be his wife. He gave the most utterly romantic speech I have ever heard and then we kissed and held each other as the sun came up.

Aren’t they cute? Nowadays you can find them here sharing their stories about becoming a family with a BABY BUMP! She’s preggos! Follow them on their exciting journey! Thanks for sharing this awesome proposal story Brittany!

Tomorrow I have some fanta-bulous news!

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