Finding Yourself.

Personal/ business post.

So, we’re in the process of re-branding and giving the site a whole new look!  It’s a bit overwhelming to have to decide on an image that you think conveys what we’re about but we’re THISCLOSE!  I can’t wait to be able to show it off.  I love pink and green but I think I got carried away the first time around!  Heh…

Going to Making Things Happen with Lara Casey reminded me of my 7th grade math teacher Mr. Green who always went off on tangents about lemmings.  Don’t be a lemming.  Be yourself, be unique.  Not only is this what it’s about in general in life but it’s a major point in business.  What do you offer that other people don’t?

Looking within myself and the awesome couples I’ve had the privilege to work with, I’ve decided to take on a new little side project with Stacey Steffe of Better than Naked.  I’ve known her for a couple of years and feel so honored that she came up to me for advice and basically a proposition!  We’re going to be holding a series of small events that will eventually lead to something bigger.  Happy to say we’re making things happen!

This is who we’re NOT!

Hah!  So keep an eye later today yo!


  1. Sometimes it's impossible to be yourself AND unique. For example, whenever you (generic) don't have a definite liking, or when your taste is mainstream, or your talent are average. Being unique at all costs can also be counterproductive and source of frustration. I say, let's be ourselves at our best of what we can possibly be, and let's leave it at it.

  2. Agreed! If you're bending over backwards to be unique, then you're not staying true to yourself. Although, I think being yourself is what makes you unique! Even if your taste is mainstream and your talent is average, there will always be something about you that will make you stand out whether you use that to your advantage or not.

  3. I Too want to make things happen!! I have had ideas for years, even business plans, but lacked the confidence to actually get out there and do it. Thank you for being an amazing planner as well as an inspiration!

  4. Thanks Jenn! Brides like you make me ♥ my job! I've seen your work and know you're talented. I bet all those ideas you have up your sleeve will come to life! You just gotta dooooo it! =)

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