Girl Crush

I’ve always liked Milla. Her dress is so simple, yet gorgeous. I think in this case she makes the dress. I love that she chose something simple. Says a lot about her. She looks like a Greek goddess dontcha think?


The first 2 blogs I read today had to do with fights between married people. I love Mrs. Cheese from WeddingBee and she writes on her own blog here. She’s so honest and it’s good to hear that not everyone out there is perfect. She doesn’t candy-coat her sh*t! I never have and never will. I think my first post shows that. My hubby and I aren’t perfect. We’ve gotten to a place right not that is so rock steady I love it!!! BUT, BUTTTTTTTT!!!…it’s taken us a while and I know that it’s not gonna be so easy all the time. I’m wishing Mrs. Cheese all the luck and love in the world!

Let’s stop lying to the people that we love and to ourselves…haha, I thought this shirt was funny!

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Have a lovely weekend ya’ll!!!

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