Hooray!  We’re hosting a giveaway to celebrate this month of friendship and LOVE!  One winner will get a this wedding dress hanger from Lila and Frances’ Etsy shop.   Gorgeous right?

Great for those getting ready pictures!

All you have to do is leave a comment with what your hanger would say.  Both of your names?  Just yours?  Get more entries by becoming a follower here on our blog or on our Facebook and/or retweeting this giveaway on Twitter using our handle @JustWenderful so we can track them!

Giveaway ends February 14th!  Good luck!


  1. I am SO excited for my new name, so I think my hanger would simply say "Ashley Green". And I would leave it out, always, to remember the day I married my best friend! So excited for our June wedding! I absolutely LOVE this wedding dress hanger! My photographer would love it too!!!

  2. O my goodness!! I have wanted one of these since I saw them on Etsy and just held off on buying one for some reason. THIS IS THE REASON!! Great giveaway!! I would have it say Kamie & Danny but with a heart in the middle instead of and sign!! Have I mentioned I love this giveaway!!

  3. I NEVER had personalized items growing up and this is just super adorable. I'd have "Lira and Anthony" and stick it on our door the entire month of October for our wedding (and subsequent anniversaries) and February for Valentine's day.

  4. I saw these on Etsy and have been determined to have my dress photographed on it on the day of our wedding. I would probably have mine say "Mrs. Lenander" even though that's quite a mouthful 🙂

  5. My best friend has been a bridesmaid THIRTEEN TIMES and she asked me last week to be her bridemaid!! I would love to win this for her and for it to say… mrs liggett or alaina (heart) josh

  6. Love love these hangers! Been planning to purchase one for my dress photos. Mine would say Mrs. Krause. I would love to win!!!! Your blog is great!

  7. I would love to buy this unique gift for my sister-in-law, who is getting married. This is such a unique gift and will be picture perfect. I'd like it to say "Jenn & James"

  8. I would choose Mrs. Ellis and use it for my wedding!! This will also let me use it as "something old" I can eventually pass down to any future daughter-in-laws (hopefully!!) 🙂

  9. I LOVE THESE HANGERS! My friend got one for her wedding and i was jealous! I recently got married and would love one of these hangers that says mrs. Wydock to hang my wedding dress on!

  10. I'd love to get our names – Sharon (heart) Greg! It would be something treasured way beyond our wedding day!

    yepfinleywedding at gmail dot com

  11. four fun options come to mind…
    1. the bride – traditional, but fun to pass down!
    2. the future mrs. b – like the ones shown above
    3. alia & scott – like above 🙂
    4. 9.10.11 – our date!

    *all would have to have cute hearts incorporated! 🙂

  12. These hangers are so incredibly adorable and definitely make or break the "hanging dress photo" many of us brides want as a keepsake. I would love for mine to say "Molly <3 Steven" or my full name as it would always be a reminder of my maiden name. So special. 🙂

  13. LOVE THESE! My hanger would say either KATED (on our first date we played a trivia game and used this as a combo of both our first names, Katie and Edward. We have since referred to us as that. However, I also kind of like the idea of the hanger saying "Something New"

  14. I'd never heard of these until just now and I think they are so cute! I'd put "Mrs. Crisp" on mine and use it on our wedding day to hang my wedding dress on.

    I also re-tweeted this from my @parsimonious1 Twitter handle

  15. I would love to have one of these hangers for my dress that say our names Courtney and Christian but with a heart in between our names! We just recently moved our wedding date up after my mom was diagnosed with multiple lung tumors and is very sick so we are on a tight budget and one of these hangers is something that I had to take off the list of wedding items…thank you so much for the chance to win!

  16. I absolutely LOVE these hangers! My fiance and I just celebrated our one year of being engaged, and we have another year before the wedding, once I finish nursing school. We have been dating since 10th grade in high school, and have been madly in love ever since. I would love to have this hanger to keep as a memory of our special day and to encourage me to work hard to finish school strong so that we can get married. If I won, I would love to have it say Shannon & Tyler and if that is too long then Mr & Mrs Hough would be great 🙂 Thank you!

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