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Starting today we will have three lovely guest bloggers while I am out on my babymoon.  Thanks to these ladies and the rest of the Just Wenderful team for covering!  xoxo

Today we have Cris of Kiss My Tulle sharing how she remembered her dad in her wedding.  There are so many ways to do this, but her way was definitely true to her dad.

There’s a lot of talk about memorizing or remembering lost loved ones at your wedding. There are many ways to incorporate those that have passed on during your wedding day. Here’s how I handled it when my dad died months before my wedding day:

The main thing was incorporating my dad’s signature red bandana (he wore one every single day ala Willie Nelson). I had the one that I stole from him when I left home at 18 placed on a chair (between my mom and little brother) during the ceremony. I also cut hearts out of another bandana and my mom, siblings, and I had them pinned inside our wedding clothes. In the programs, I included a brief sentence thanking my dad for introducing me to my husband and insisting we go out on a date (true story).
And that’s it. Nothing flashy, nothing grand. Just simple and exactly the type of quiet remembrance I wanted for my wedding day.  Kiss My Tulle ( is a website devoted to helping engaged couples create the wedding of their dreams on a manageable budget.  You can follow Cris on Twitter (, Facebook (, and Pinterest (
Thanks again Cris!  It’s always hard to deal with matters like this on your special day.  I lost my mother 2 months before my wedding and I do wish I would’ve incorporated a little more of her in my day.  I think Cris did it perfectly!  Hope everyone has a safe Holiday weekend!


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