Halloween Wedding!

Good morning everyone! The end of the month is finally here so what a great way to end it than with a HalloWedding. While I was looking for some decoration ideas I stumbled upon Simon and Gemma’s wedding and I thought it was amazing with a great twist for the evening.
Their ceremony began perfectly normal with family and friends by their side adorned with cute Halloween details to show the spirit.

But by the time the reception was around things started to get a little weird … zombies, witches, werewolves, etc. started showing up to the wedding.

This Hallowedding had a great twist, the ceremony was perfectly beautiful and simple but by the end of the night they made sure that everyone came dressed in costumes to party with them and show their Halloween spirit. Don’t you just love their idea?

Want to see more of their amazing wedding pictures, check them out on their Flickr Account.

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