Happy Friday!

We’ve been so busy this week with Last Minute Bride details and I finally got some pro headshots done for the new site!  I’ve been hustling to get awesome little goodie bags for the first 50 brides who come to LMB.  Almost a week away  ladies!

On another note my happy Friday picture if of the adorable Bowie Bride and her husband to-be!  We went to the Griffith Observatory and shot two different sets.  It was amazing!!!  I STILL have bug bites on my legs from that night! 

Amazing yes?  Holly from Cakes and Kisses Photography took these to die for shots and April Lianez de Brimer styled it.  Go check out Britt’s blog for more hotness!

Happy weekend! =D

Please see this post for more on Britt’s free DOC services!

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