Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  Happy weekend!  Happy hearts!  I’m so happy to blog about Wish Upon a Wedding!

Here’s a recap of what they’re about straight from their website.

America’s only wedding wish granting organization, Wish Upon a Wedding produces weddings & civil union ceremonies at destinations across the United States for individuals facing life-threatening illness.
By celebrating the courage & spirit of these couples, it is our hope that others facing similar situations will find hope, strength, and the promise of eternal love.
Officially launched in January of 2010, Wish Upon a Wedding currently has five chapters to serve Wish Applicants. Beginning February 14, couples residing in or wishing to get married within 300 miles of the following cities are eligible to apply for weddings: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, New York and Chicago. If you reside in another area, we still encourage you to stay connected as New Chapters open regularly.
We are rallying our team of Wish Granters across the United States! If you would like to be a part of our Wish Granting Team {or know someone who would} please submit a Wish Granter application.

I’ve already submitted our application and am excited at the opportunity of working with one of the well-deserved couples! 

Their first couple is Florence and Michael from Elk Grove, CA.  Read their story here.  It’s pretty amazing what we can do to help some beautiful people and make some happy hearts!

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