Happy Friday Review!

I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for my clients.  There are so many planners out there that I always believe there is a reason and a certain client just right for you…for me, in this case.  Reviews like these make my day:

We utilized the professional, talented and flawless services of just wenderful for our july 30 2011 wedding and owe the flood of compliments and amazingness to her and her talented team of employees who love what they do and do what they love. from start to finish, wendy(of just wenderful) met and surpassed our expectations. wendy really became a friend and did so much more. always classy, never over the top, wendy really molds to the desires of her clients without being overbearing. her good taste, however, can lend a hand when (as we were guilty of) threw [at our first meeting] a boatload of mish-mashed (not wenderful?) ideas and expected her approval. she put us “in check” (which I appreciated so much) in the best way possible, told us what we needed to hear, directed us to the best vendors and really helped us create the most stunning, fabulous amazing wedding/celebration that both my wife and i couldn’t have ever imagined better. thank you for the amazing, tireless and stick-through-it spirit, Wendy, and thank you for being our friend and helping our dreams become reality. we really do owe it all to you.

So sweet!  I’ve fallen in love with all their images but haven’t gotten them yet but am super excited to share!  The photographers, Stephanie and Isaac of This Modern Romance, are going through some tough times.  Prayers and thoughts their way.
Healing thoughts and happy Friday everyone!  Count your blessings every day!


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