Happy Friday: The Anthropologie BHDLN Collection!

As many of you might have heard, Anthropologie is coming out with a wedding dress collection called BHDLN!  It’s definitely been the buzz in the industry these last few days.  Have you seen them yet?  Here’s a couple of them from glamour.com.

How much do I LOVE thee?!

They have not disappointed!

Do you love them or do you pass?


  1. They are very intriguing, and pretty! Just looking at the photos, I wouldn't have guessed they were by Anthropologie. For sure an adorable photo shoot! Whether to choose them for a wedding would depend on the style and expectations the bride may have, I suppose. There's nothing like a refined, custom-fitted, luxuriously made designer gown, which some brides may prefer. When you look closely, no doubt you'll see the difference. But I can definitely see these work for a beautiful garden wedding, full of warmth and love… just make sure they're fitted properly!

  2. Definitely Astrid! They do have a particular sense of style that not every bride wants or even fits. The ruffles and layers make me swoon though!

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