If you know me,

…you know my dream dress was and always will be the “Laced Up” by Amy Michelson.

So you can only see the top part of the dress, but that’s enough! The plunging neckline, so sexy! The lace, romantic! On facebook, they updated with this picture and this caption:

jeweled headbands look great with lace gowns.
and i love the glamour hippie look…fun for an outdoor wedding!

What do you guys think?

ONTO OTHER EXCITING NEWS! As you can see to your left, we have a new contributor to this blog! Welcome Drea!!! I’m excited to see what your posts will bring! She’s coming on board to our Just Wenderful team with some style up her sleeve! I gotta hand it to you, I learned some things here and there from her! XOXO

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