Ikea Adventures

Call me crazy but last Friday I went to Ikea because I needed some stuff for my house and low and behold I was inspired.  There are so many inexpensive things in there besides the infamous Ung Drill that can be used for a wedding.

This is the Ung Drill in case you didn’t know its name.

You can paint it any color and ta-da, but I’m sure you’ve seen that because it’s been around the blogosphere for a while now.

Here are my finds!  Table numbers?

Both $0.99!

I love that they have a lot of colorful items.  These vases as centerpieces would look fab.  I love pops of color!

These were place mats.  Imaging tying up enough to make a wall for your photobooth area?  Mmm hmmm!

They have chandeliers like this one and I loved the lace panels…so many possibilites.

These are $5 bucks!  With tea lights or blooms inside, you can hang them or use them as part of the centerpieces.  They don’t only come in these colors, LOOK:

I had way too much fun but had to run out because I got a phone call about a lost dog…my lost Lola!  I hope this inspires you too!  What’s your favorite item or store that always inspires you the minute you walk in?

All iPhone photos by me and the most awesome Shake-it app!


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