Junior Bridesmaids and Flower Girls

The Bella Bambino series :: Part I

Morning everyone!  I have the pleasure of having Audrey from The Bella Bambino guest post for us with a little mini series.  I love this girl!  I met her because she has a huge heart.  She volunteered to donate a flower girl dress for Wish Upon A Wedding’s second wedding wish.  She owns The Bella Bambino, which is special occasion children’s boutique specializing in christening gowns, first communion attire, flower girl dresses, and ring bearer suits/tuxes and handpicks them herself! 

So cute!  Here’s her take on junior bridesmaids and flower girls.

What is a “Jr. Bridesmaid” exactly anyways? I always describe it as a girl that’s too old to be a flower girl yet too young to be a bridesmaid. (Aka: glorified way of not making a certain young lady(ies) feel left out and not offend their lovely mothers by not finding a way to include them in your wedding party ORfinding a way to include the young ladies you DO want in your bridal party but may not be old enough o be bridesmaids) . 

I hear about this all the time in my boutique. Moms come in worried about finding an age appropriate dress that isn’t too “grown up”. The girls want to wear what the bridesmaids wear so as not to be confused as flower girls and arguing begins. Luckily we carry quite a few options that can satisfy most young ladies (and their mother’s, and their brides).

So now that you have these great dresses, what the heck do you do with them after the wedding? REPURPOSE! Many boutiques including my own will sell you sashes, bows, ties, cummerbunds, and vests in different colors very inexpensively for you to keep on hand. Then you can reuse the dress or suit for a different occasion. We commonly see customers that buy white or ivory flower girl dresses buy extra sashes in pastel colors for Easter. 

For Jr. Bridesmaids dresses we recommend removing the sash and taking it to a local seamstress to shorten the hem line from floor or tea length to the knee so it can be worn for a school dance or another social dressy occasion.

Thanks Audrey!  If you haven’t visited her site, now is the time.  Come check her out next week for her second guest post where she gets a little more personal!


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