Just Engaged!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, there were so many news of engagements over the holidays that we decided to write about it!  So you get one of these:
Via ZoArt

Either your prince charming asked you or you switched it up and asked him yourself, you’re engaged!  I think the first thing that crosses your mind is telling everyone!  I know I couldn’t wait to tell the most important people in our lives like our moms and immediate family and friends.  After everyone knows the great news, what’s next?

The most important thing to do whether you envision your wedding in 3 months or in 2 years, is to sit down and figure out a realistic budget.

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Start off with your ultimate number and if you’re good at breaking numbers and doing the rest of the breakdown, hats off to you!  If not, a wedding planner {ahem,us!} can take care of it from you.  This is the first step!  After that, it’ll be easier to narrow down what you can afford starting with…the beautiful venue!

The Vibiana in Downtown Los Angeles via Fotopedia

More on selecting a venue next week!  I’ll be tagging these posts under planning tips so you can easily find them there!

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