Just Thought…

I’d share! Remember last week I told ya’ll I went to the Wedding Salon?

Visit TheKnot.com!

The Knot
got a pic of me and a reason why I love them! I’m famous, I’m on their site! Lol! This is true. I loved checking that checklist in the Tasks section! It reminded me of what to-do’s I had, and what I had already done. If you’re planning on planning your own wedding, join! This site also gives you a plethora of ideas with images and what-not!

Another site I recommend is WeddingWire…why? The seating chart! I used it to seat my guests and they have a layout where you can do it all yourself! But why am I promoting all this, when I can do it for you? Because it truly did wonders for me!…and it will to you if you’re on a budget and can’t afford planner or a DOC!

Tomorrow I’m going to an industry event for The Knot and am pretty psyched! Too bad my business cards aren’t here yet! BOOOO!

On to business: Day 13th of my 365 Challenge: My little soldier!

How I love thee Adobe Lightroom! Thanks to Tasra for that!!! This little guy is Papito. He’s a lil’ chihuahua who loves me unconditionally! Isn’t he adorable? Yeah…yeah he IS!

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