Lazy Sunday

I just came from a Subway run because that’s whats for dinner and as I was walking to my car, I stood in the middle of the street and there was absolute silence. The roads are still dusty because of the construction, it’s pretty hot for 7 pm, and the light was kinda shining on me, ready for dusk, but not just yet. I called my hubs and asked him to listen with me. There wasn’t even a single swish of a car passing by. I yelled to him, “Where are the zombies?”. Lol. He said, “Don’t go!”, but I left cuz what would we eat if I didn’t?

It also must have something to do with that awful smoke.

I’m not gonna do my usual wedding/photography inspiration thing today, maybe tomorrow because I just kinda, sorta wanted to vent about I dunno….cancer? It’s such a sensitive topic that hits close to home. I’m scared of it. My mom passed because she lost a battle with “it”. Who’s to know who’s gonna get it? Why do people who are the most loving, caring people (at least in my life) seem to get it? Why? Why? WHY?

I got some bad news today about a close family friend. She’s known she has some type of lung cancer even before my mom passed back in MAY! She didn’t want my mom to know so she didn’t tell us. I found out through my sister, and I’m not supposed to know. She’s getting radiology but has denied getting chemotherapy and sh*t, I don’t blame her. I’ve told myself if I ever get such thing…I’m not getting treated with something that’s going to eventually kill me. I’ll go organic and holisitic, and ifI still go that way..I’ll go that way. I want to reach out to her, but I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll go about it…

With this in mind, life is short. I’ve decided I’m renovating my kitchen and living life a day at a time. I know that the kitchen thing is minimal, but I want to move on things. I want our house done! I also know that the “living life one day at a time” is cliche but seriously…I need to get my stuff together!!! And, if a baby comes, it will come as a blessing and yes, I’ll be ready! I’m not going to set timelines. Just move head-on, full speed and maybe chill on the “party girl” label I’ve had since my leash was let go off back in 2000 when I got into UCLA.

And with that I leave you with this:

via Quoteskine

…so get the steppin’ and do something with your life!

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