Louboutin Love – Wedding Shoes!

If I weren’t so tall and clumsy, I’d wear heels all the time, but alas, I am both!  Louboutin was just at his West Hollywood store about 2 weeks and I lurv his shoes!  Here’s a mini-tribute!

Loubs too!

Black lace over a pretty pink.  I love black lace!  I can see a bride wearing these and the groom wearing chucks!

Shoe want color?

Even if I’d want to, I just couldnt!  Almost 2 years ago, the huz and I were going to dinner at Yamashiro up in the Hollywood Hills and if anyone knows, there are some stairs for the outside bar and well…

I wore ALDO flip flops to my wedding and now you know why.

Happy shoe shopping!  Ha!


  1. IS it gross that I actually bought a pair and I was scared as heck to wear them, they are in my closet, haha. Any Brides need a size 38 pair of beautiful purple satin louboutins?? hahaha

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