Make One Big Thing Happen!

Making Things Happen.

I attended the Making Things Happen tour with Lara Casey almost one year ago and so many great things have happened since then!

The point of it all is:  It all starts with you.  YOU have to make decisions, YOU have to conquer those fears, YOU have to make it happen.  Awesome thing is, is that it’s all within…guess what?  You!…that’s if, you really want it.

So to all my friends, you have about 2 weeks to make just ONE thing happen.  I really want to do ONE thing that will propel and jumpstart one or more of my 2011 goals.  Even if it’s not one of your 2011 goals, just a goal, whether it be a personal, business, etc.

I have still to write down my one sentence goal I’m going to get done before 2010 ends, but I promise I’ll be back.  In the meantime, what’s yours?

…and remember this: 

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.  ~Henry Ford


Start your sentence with “I will…”.  What will you do before 2010 ends?


  1. You are totally right Wendy – you have to become the change and say 'I will' instead of "I try'.
    Find one important thing to do before the end of 2010 is difficult (never thought it'd be that hard) but with a wedding in mid-Feb, I guess I will have all the big things planned and the ceremony sorted before the end of 2010.

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