Making your Guest List and Selecting your Venue

So now, you’re engaged, you’ve got your budget – what next?  The number of guests you’d like to invite to your special day is something you’ve either already had in mind already and agree about or something you need to hash out together.  Your budget should also point you in the right direction as to how many guests you may be able to have.

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A smaller wedding means saving money and it’s usually about 50-80 guests.  Up to 150, I consider it a medium sized wedding and over 200, that’s a large guest list!  Once you start writing your guest list, it doesn’t have to be final.  You can have a master guest list and a B-list.  You’ll use the B-list when guests from the master list can’t attend your wedding.  If your parents are helping out, usually they’re entitled to a list of their own, so keep that in mind too!  Oh, and don’t forget to your count your vendors too.  They need to eat too!
So you all this info and now it’s time to select the venue.  Exciting!
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For the venue, I find lots of couples already have envisioned what they want.  If you have no clue, your budget and guest count is a good way to start!  Do you want your ceremony and reception at the same place or no?  Also, keep in mind that your venue will be one of your biggest expenses.  To narrow down which venue will eventually be the one, you need to ask yourself a list of questions from hidden costs to catering needs.  If you want that list or if you need help, contact us and we can help you.  Our email is info {at} justwenderful {dot} com.

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