One Day in December – 2012

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Hi friends!  This time of year always brings personal posts and so here I am recapping accomplishments from this year.  A group of friends, TWIPS, did this last year and here was my post

This year has lots of different recaps and things I’m thankful.  It’s funny to see the strides and the differences.  With ups and downs just like everyone else, I still believe everything happens for a reason and I’m thankful to God, family, and friends for being so supportive.

#1. I’m thankful for my husband, our marriage and the blessing which we are about to receive any day now.

I am officially past my due date and I want Ms. Isela to be here already.  I can’t wait to snuggle with her, small and kiss her little lips.

#2. My friends and family like mentioned before.  Always supportive with my personal and business life.  One of my best friends is my business partner in life.  That’s how amazing they are.

#3. My couples, my business.  I always have couples that come from different walks of life and I always happen to build great relationships.  Some more than others but all of them are special and deserving of the love they have for each other.  We also have a new intern-turned assistant who’s pretty awesome and another new member of the JW team who I can’t wait to introduce once our re-launch happens early next year.

In regards to my business, I feel like this upcoming year is going to be full of excitement.  We’re planning a re-branding and all sorts of plans we are GOING TO MAKE HAPPEN.  I know with a baby it sounds like it might be harder, but I think it just makes everything complete.  That’s a great feeling.

We got published in Style Me Pretty on Valentine’s Day this year and we are hoping to get published lots more this upcoming year.  Which leads me to shoots.  I didn’t do as many as I wanted this year so we have lots to show you next year, including some of our work from this year.

So many things to do, but so much passion and excitement!  It’s definitely going to be a busy year!

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