One Day in December

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So I think I’m destined to meet Wendy Ramos of Wendy Ramos Photography because I was mistaken for her during this project started by Orly of our TWIPS group.  I had found her prior to all this when I googled my name.  If you’re reading this Wendy, email me!  🙂

One Day in December is a whole month of inspiration from wedding bloggers and vendors.  Yesterday Pretty Pear Bride posted and tomorrow  it’s Louise of Bijoux Bride‘s turn.  In the mean time, here’s a little bit of my 2011 inspiration and accomplishments.

1.  Another year of marriage.  You know how they say the first newlywed years are the most trying?  I see how that’s true, but if you sit back and and think about it, it’s actually an amazing feeling to look back at all the ups and downs and realize how much in love with each other we still are.  Can’t wait for what’s to come in 2012!

2.  Another year of helping couples plan their big day!  Still with passion for what I do since day #1.  I loooove looking back at these gorgeous shots because they’re more than just shots, they’re moments.  Following your heart is definitely not difficult but it is a bit so when you have to take care of the business side. After all, I still have to make a living right?  I’ll take care of your event budgets any day over sitting and crunching my own numbers.  🙂   *Thanks for this shot Shannon!

3.  There are a couple other things I have accomplished and there’s a list full of things which I’m thankful for, but these are my top two.  I was reading somewhere that it takes 30 days to make a difference in your life.  I really want to take on that challenge.  I know they say big things come when you “feel the fear and do it anyway” and that’s perhaps something that we all should be doing on a more frequent basis.  I can say I’ve done it more often, but not as much as I’d like.

Who wants to join and keep each other accountable?  I’m thinking my start date will be in January and I’ll work on my list until then.

Happy weekend everyone! 


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