Peonies are IN!

I had a love/hate relationship with ranunculus because they were everywhere for about 3 months earlier this year and 2 weeks before a wedding in May, they were pretty much gone!  I did find some but no yellow at all so we had to switch to another flower!  My wholesale guy failed to tell me on time but I understand because crops are sometimes unpredictable.
Now the flower that’s around and in abundance is the peony.  So soft, full, and romantic!

One of my couples is going to have them in her bouquet this August and I’m so excited!

From a soft pink:

to some bright pretties!

I kind of went overboard on my peony search but look what I found!

And these:

Even my new branding has a flower that looks like a peony!  New obsession?  Maybe.  But isn’t lovely?

What’s the flower you’re loving right now?


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