Planning Tips: Guest List

So I asked my husband what the hardest part of planning was for him, although I took care of most, and he answered: “Turning family away that couldn’t attend.”  I must say this was the same deal for me, but we just had to keep the guest list short!  If you don’t set rules, get ready for a massive guest list.

I found this and thought it might be helpful and funny.

Most couples nowadays are paying for their own wedding and if that’s the case, you’re going to have to spend a lot of hard earned money!  When we started drafting up our guest list, I kept reminding both of us:

  • Who has been there for us?
  • Whose still around?
  • Who WILL be there 10 years from now?

Friends come and go, but family is blood.   YET, even if they’re family, there are some that you haven’t spoken to in years and will most likely not ever unless it’s for a the big family reunion.  We kept it down to 75 and that was a HUGE task!  I always recommend having a master list and keep a secondary list “B” to add to in case guests from list “A” cannot attend.

Also, I know it’s exciting to get engaged but don’t spread the word like crazy if you’re not inviting said people.  Tell your parents to keep it”on the low” as well and remember that your vendors count as guests too!

How many guests are you having at your wedding? 


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