Real Wedding: Amy & Jesse

When I first emailed Marina to see if I could use her images she got back to me right away telling me “Of course!  Use away!” & I was ecstatic.  Lara of SW weddings featured her in her It-List and mentioned this wedding.  You beat me to the punch Lara!  BUT I’m assuming this wedding has traveled the blogosphere with its greatness already.

OK, so here we go!  Hold on to your pants ladies & gentlemen!

The reception:

Pretty fabulous dontcha think?  Visit Marina of Red Heart Photo to see more eye candy HERE!


  1. Thank you Wendy for featuring this wedding! This was by FAR my most fun wedding ever, even though I was shooting 8 1/2 months pregnant. I have know most of the people at this wedding for years through the local music scene and can tell you this is 100% genuine. The wedding party worked for months on the custom details. It was a blast and I would do it again tomorrow!

  2. Thank YOU Marina! You do fabulous work & I'm always so happy to put up the amazing work we find!

    I feel like getting tatted some more now!

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