Real Wedding: Sara &Tyler

These pictures are truly breath-taking! Not just because I know Sara, but because…look!

She looked so hawt! I met Sara back when we were full on rivals. I would visit my best friend in ‘SC when there was nothing to do @ UCLA. And ummm no, nothing to do does not = ditchin’.

Sara and Tyler got married in May of last year in Northridge, California. They spruced up Tyler’s family’s backyard and made it look like a million bucks!

Here are the classy girls.

And classy boys!

Meet Tyler fully dressed. They met while they were both in the Teach for America program and bam! Sara got her dress at Jobyna’s in Glendale. Great taste Sara! I love the silver incorporated throughout the dress, especially the straps!

The gold hues in these pictures…*le sigh*

Sparklers anyone?

Perfect for an outdoor reception! Wait, who’s that I see in the black dress gettin’ down? It’s Britt from BowieBrideBritt! Check her blog out and stay tuned because she’s have a Q & A with Sara soon.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures taken by Peardon – Carillo Wedding Photography! Congrats Sara & Tyler!


  1. yay!! aren't sara and tyler just the raddest couple ever?! their wedding was so much fun and these pics are gorgeous. we all were drunk, dancin' fools that night and it was AWESOME. and thanks for the bowie bride shout out too! 😉

  2. Wow, I feel like a bonafide baller bride now – in fact, had I found out about all this new-fangled blogging isht when I was a bride-to-be (thank God I didn't or I never would have gotten to the actual PLANNING part), that woulda been my avatar – BALLERBRIDE. Thanks for all the props, Wendy! You made us look GOOD!

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