Rose Bowl Flea Market

On Sunday, Andrea and I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. A first for me but Drea frequents it almost every month. I don’t think one visit is enough to see all of it because it’s huge and it has everything from clothing to vintage finds to the more modern. Although it is November, I got a bit of a shirt tan so one thing Drea recommends is to go anytime other than the summer because it gets hot!

So want to see what I got? Here ya go!

The cutest pillbox ever for those days I want to rip my head off.

Sorry this one’s blurry. It can be used as a necklace or a vintage brooch for a bouquet!

Same with this one. Your bouquet can look something like this:

Via Brenda’s Wedding Blog

This one’s actually pretty small. I’m thinking of saving it for my niece and purchasing a cute necklace to go with it.

These babies are all mine! They even have the vintage backing. Cute huh?

Again, blurry! Sorry, that Canon 7d is taking longer than I thought! Anywho, I’ve always wanted a chandelier in my house but I wasn’t exactly sure where I’d put it and it would have to be something small. This is perfect! It’s still not in the right spot…I need the huz to help with this.

And my last purchase was this:

A cute, yellow, vintage cake stand. I couldn’t say no to this! Anytime I have a get together at my place, my desserts will be sittin’ in style.

So ladies, this is definitely a place to go. There were so many vintage pieces of furniture I fell in love with. I know this is where I’m coming to when we open our boutique! Another piece of advise: Many vendors place ALL of their items 50% off at noon. Next date: December 13th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

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