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I found a picture on the web from almost a year ago from the Savor LA: Desserts and I wanted to share!

As you can tell (on our hands), we’re foodies and are always out and about looking for exciting new vendors to tell our clients about.  We’ll taste anything for you!  Last year we fell in love with Gotta Have S’more.  Delicious and bite-sized, they’re perfect for a dessert buffet or as favors!

We had them recently at another event and I personally, love them!  Last week I was invited to the second Savor LA: Pairings event, but Andrea is in the middle of finals and essays and couldn’t make it, so the hubby got to come with me.  I think our favorite was the delicious agua chile from Mas Malo.  We’ve been there before and I’m in love with their soggy chips.  Imagine chewy chips.  Yum!  Also, just like some weddings are using mason jars for their guests:

Via Fashion Intel
VEEV Acai vodka were mixing their drinks right in front of you and handing them in these cute jars!  See, the wedding industry are trend setters too!
That’s my Savor LA recap!  Looking forward to the next one!

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